Jordan Giving Hope Foundation

We believe small gestures can make significant differences in people’s lives. Inspired by Jordan’s example, we are setting out to directly help those in need with the funds raised through Jordan Giving Hope. Our mission is to create an organization that operates with little overhead and therefore is able to direct all proceeds to impactful causes. It’s more than writing a check, it’s about listening to people’s stories and understanding how we can help.

We want Jordan Giving Hope to be a community that continues to unite Jordan’s extended group of family and friends by finding ways to help others in her memory and thus continuing her legacy.  We encourage you to look around your community and let us know how we can support a cause you care about. Get Involved.

​Jordan Giving Hope is a registered non-profit organization, EIN: 27-3448391. Please note, no goods or services are received for donations. Please consult a tax advisor for tax deduction inquiries.

Jordan Giving Hope has been thrilled to support renown charitable organizations such as The Guardian Foundation and Autism Speaks, but we have also been able to respond directly to need that our supporters have seen in their communities. 

We are so pleased that during the unprecedented pandemic shutdowns we were able to help those individuals that were greatly impacted by their inability to work. Our mission of a small amount making  a difference helped those waitresses, hairdressers, household cleaners and nail technicians that were shut out of their jobs for months. JGH's contributions helped those families in small but meaning full ways.

 Brought to JGH's attention by one of our supporters was one of our favorite donations.  A local boys club that was unable to participate in the city basketball league because the boys were unable to pay for their uniforms.  JGH was proud and excited to purchase uniforms for this team of grateful boys.

Another meaningfull donation was to Refuge Ranch for Women. Women arrive at this safe haven with nothing.  JGH purchased hairdryers and hair grooming supplies for these residents to help in their healing.

Welcome to our website. We will be updating this section with this years' donations shortly. Please check back soon. -JGH 10/01/21

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